About Us

Surabhi Enterprises was incorporated in the year 1999 September 9th. Within a very short period it acquired all the skills needed to market housekeeping, cleaning and disposable products in the state. Surabhi Enterprises has completed a decade service in supplying house keeping and cleaning products, there by becoming the most creative as well as innovative in House Keeping and cleaning products in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

Surabhi Enterprises is Super Stockiest for (BRW Products) M/s. Gupta Traders, New Delhi, which is the leading Manufacturing Company in India for wide range of Water Wipers, Toilet Brushes & Mops. We supply to all leading House keeping Agencies, Super Markets, China Bazaar's etc., in the state of Andhra Pradesh. We have wide range of Wipers, Toilet Brushes, Mops, Door Mats, Brooms, Cleaning & Disposable Items.

Our leading products in the Market are:-

  • Kelno, Décor, Rich Look, Prince in Toilet Brushes
  • Walker Wiper, Volvo Wiper, Neel Kamal in Water Wipers
  • Premium Toilet Brushes are Bold & Beautiful and Nu-Look
  • Premium Wipers are Innova Wiper, Ultimate and Mayur Wiper.

Surabhi Enterprises is now very well established to executive and deliver the best quality products in house keeping with tremendous managerial, technical and organizational skills that has been acquired through years of valuable experience. We promise to all our esteemed customers that in future we will provide the best service and innovative products to this growing market.

Our Retail outlet is on the main road of Mahaboob Gunj, opposite Agra Sweets where we do retail sales of all disposable items and house keeping items. We have three godowns situated in Maharaj Gunj and Mahaboob Gunj where we supply to all leading shops of Begum Bazaar, General Bazaar in Secunderabad and all leading suppliers of house keeping items.

M/s SURABHI ENTERPRISES is growing rapidly year after year due to aggressive marketing with wide range of products with best pricing.

M/s SURABHI ENTERPRISES is a trend setter in the Hyderabad market by introducing new and innovative variety of brushes and wipers, which suits the market requirements. M/s SURABHI ENTERPRISES believes in quality with prompt service with economical pricing, which made us the market leader for the above said products in a short period. We promise to all our esteemed customers in coming years, M/s SURABHI ENTERPRISES will introduce new and innovative products without compromising on the quality and pricing.